How to Hunt Caribou in Alaska

In order to hunt caribou in Alaska, it is important to be familiar with their habitat and behavior. Caribou are found in many different types of terrain, but they tend to prefer areas with mountains, tundra, and taiga forests. They are also migratory animals, so it is necessary to know their migration patterns in order to find them.

Once you have located a caribou herd, the next step is to stalk them and get within range for a shot. This can be challenging because caribou are very alert and have excellent hearing. However, if you are patient and careful, you can successfully harvest a caribou in Alaska.

  • Caribou can be found in many parts of Alaska, but the best place to start your search is in the western and northern regions of the state
  • Look for caribou near rivers, lakes, and streams where they come to graze on aquatic plants
  • Use binoculars or a spotting scope to scan areas for caribou herds
  • When you’ve found a herd, approach quietly and downwind so as not to alarm the animals
  • Once you’re within range, take a careful shot at a large bull caribou—they provide the most meat for hunters

Where to hunt for caribou in Alaska (secret info)

Caribou Hunting in Alaska Packages

Alaska is home to some of the most majestic creatures on Earth, including caribou. These massive animals are a popular target for hunters, and there are many companies that offer caribou hunting packages in Alaska. When choosing a package, it’s important to consider what type of hunt you’re interested in.

There are two main types of caribou hunts in Alaska: DIY and guided. DIY hunts are typically more affordable, but they require more planning and preparation on the part of the hunter. Guided hunts provide more support and assistance, but they come at a higher price tag.

No matter which route you choose, a successful hunt requires research, practice, and patience. But with proper planning and execution, harvesting a caribou in Alaska can be an unforgettable experience.

Alaska Caribou Season 2022 Non Resident

Alaska’s caribou season is a much anticipated event for non-residents. The state offers an abundance of these animals to hunt, and the season runs from August 10th to September 30th. Permits are required and can be obtained through the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website.

Non-residents are also required to purchase a $160 hunting license. The bag limit for this season is two bull caribou, and hunters are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities that Alaska has to offer when it comes to this species.

How Many Caribou Can You Kill in Alaska

As of 2018, the state of Alaska allows for the taking of up to 60 caribou per person per season. The general caribou hunting season in Alaska runs from August 10th through September 20th. Caribou can be found throughout most of the state, with healthy populations in both Interior and Arctic Alaska.

There are a few considerations to take into account when planning to hunt caribou in Alaska. First, because they live in such remote areas, you will need to be prepared for a long and challenging hunt. Be sure to pack plenty of supplies, including food, water, and shelter.

Second, caribou are migratory animals, so you will need to do your research beforehand to figure out where they are likely to be during the time you plan to hunt. Third, remember that weather conditions can be extreme in Alaska, so again – be prepared! If you’re successful in your hunt and end up with more than one caribou, there are a few things you need to know about properly processing the meat.

First, it’s important to get the animal cleaned and cooled down as soon as possible after killing it. This helps prevent bacterial growth and ensures that the meat will taste its best. Second, butchering a caribou is no small task – it’s a big animal!

You’ll need some strong knives and some patience (or help from someone who knows what they’re doing). Third, once the meat is cut up, it needs to be stored properly – either frozen or canned – so that it doesn’t spoil. So there you have it: everything you need to know about hunting caribou in Alaska.

With a little preparation and knowledge, you can have a successful – and delicious – hunt!

Best Unit to Hunt Caribou in Alaska

Caribou are one of the most popular game animals in Alaska. They are also one of the most difficult to hunt, due to their remote habitat and elusive nature. The best unit to hunt caribou in Alaska is the Brooks Range Unit 20A.

This unit is located in the far north of the state and covers a vast area of wilderness. It is home to a large population of caribou, as well as other wildlife such as grizzly bears and wolves. Hunting in this unit requires a great deal of planning and preparation, but it can be an extremely rewarding experience.

How to Hunt Caribou in Alaska


How Much Does It Cost to Do a Caribou Hunt in Alaska?

The cost of a caribou hunt in Alaska can vary depending on the outfitter you choose, but expect to pay around $7,000 for a ten-day hunt. This includes the cost of your guide, lodging, and food while you are on the hunt. You will also need to factor in the cost of travel to and from Alaska, as well as the cost of your hunting license and any other necessary permits.

How Hard is It to Hunt Caribou in Alaska?

It is difficult to hunt caribou in Alaska because they are a migratory species. They travel long distances between their summer and winter ranges, making them hard to track. The best time to hunt caribou is during the fall, when they are migrating from their summer range back to their winter range.

However, even then it can be difficult to find them. Another challenge of hunting caribou in Alaska is that they live in remote areas with harsh weather conditions. This makes it difficult and expensive to get to their habitat.

Can You Hunt Caribou in Alaska Without a Guide?

Yes, you can hunt caribou in Alaska without a guide. You will need to obtain a permit from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and there are certain areas where hunting is restricted.

Can Anyone Hunt Caribou in Alaska?

Yes, anyone can hunt caribou in Alaska. There are no residency requirements to hunt caribou in Alaska. You must have a valid hunting license and tag, and you must comply with all game regulations.

Caribou are found throughout most of Alaska, so you should have no trouble finding a place to hunt them. The best time to hunt caribou is typically during the fall when they are migrating south to their wintering grounds.


When it comes to caribou hunting in Alaska, there are a few things you need to know. First, you need to have the proper equipment. This includes a rifle, ammunition, and a good pair of binoculars.

Second, you need to be in good physical shape. Caribou are notoriously difficult to track and stalk, so being in good shape will help you immensely. Third, you need to have patience.

Caribou are very elusive and it can take days or even weeks to finally get one within range. Finally, when you do get a shot at a caribou, make sure you make it count. These animals are extremely tough and can easily run for miles after being wounded.

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